Why Key Solutions?

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With the advent of the Internet came new, credible work-at-home job opportunities.  Now everyone from fortune 500 companies to ma-and-pa shops nationwide and around the world are learning the advantages to hire remotely.  There is an ever increasing number of reliable, credible, and trustworthy companies that will allow you to work remotely.  Key Solutions will help you find them!

Why Key Solutions?

Employers -

Finding reliable remote help is a challenge, but not as much as it used to be.  As the trend moves toward a larger remote workforce, more opportunities await for all.  Work with Key Solutions and let us bring our knowledge and exprience to work for you.  Let us find your next quality remote worker.


How it works

Candidates Apply

We use extensive and exhaustive recruiting methods to find qualfieid candidates for work at home positions. If you’re looking for an At-home position, apply now!

We Screen and Select

We methodically scour through resumes and conduct intensive interviews to find the best match for our Employers. We screen, qualify, interview, train, and even help onboard our candidates.

Employers fill positions

Candidate are onboarded with Employers to begin their working relationship. We help assist in many of the challenges with remote work and provide ongoing support.

Candidate Benefits

Easy and Free

There’s no charge for applicants to apply - or to begin work. Costs are paid by the employers.

Safe & Secure

Feel safe with an established company that’s been in business for over 8 years and proudly holds an A+ rating with the BBB.

Resourceful and Supportive

We take an active approach in helping job seekers find an at at-home position. We’re here to help!

Employer Benefits

Lower Overhead

Employers value not having to pay much of the overhead associated with in-house employees.

Highly- Scalable

Many at-home agents welcome small tasks, variable work hours, and micro-part-time schedules.

Competitive for the future

There’s no denying the trend. People like to work from home and more do every year. Get on the bandwagon now or risk being passed by your competitors.


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