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"To work at home, but with a company that makes me feel like family, it's the best!"
Jaclyn Long

How can Remote Employment help my business?

Highly scalable

Many At-home agents welcome small tasks, inconsistant work hours, and micro-part-time schedules

Flexible Billing Option

Choose to pay by the hour, by the project, or simply a one-time finders fee. Our goal is to make things simple for you.

Lower overhead

Employers value not having to pay much of the overhead associated with in-house employees.

Dedicated Account Executive

We learn about your needs! You'll be assigned to a dedicated account executive who will get to know you and your business.

Competitive for the future

There’s no denying the trend. People like to work at home and more do every year. Get on the bandwage now or risk being passed by your competitors.

Simple and Easy

We are here to simplify things and make things easy. From our dedicated account executives to our simple billing options, we pride ourselves in being easy to work with.

I'm ready!

Show me what Key Solutions can do for my business.

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