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Work at Home Telemarketing


At a glance:

  • This is an outbound telemarketing B2B sales position.
  • You work from your home computer on our predictive auto-dialer.
  • Single call close.
  • Sales agents must obtain billing information and complete verification.
  • We do have an upsell for additional commission. 


If offered this sales position, you will work from your home on your computer with high speed internet utilizing our predictive auto-dialer.  You are considered an independent contractor, and as such you are responsible for your own taxes.  You will also have a dedicated sales manager to assist you, answer questions, and have direct communication with.

Your job as a sales representative will be to call newly established businesses and sell our 12-in-1 labor law poster.  This is the poster that all businesses are required to have posted by federal law.  The poster includes minimum wage, employee rights, and other labor laws.  You will obtain billing information and enter verification where you will record a digital verbal receipt of the transaction as required by law.  You will then have an opportunity to earn additional commission by selling an upsell membership to a related service.

Please apply now if you are interested. There are several steps to come onboard with us, but we believe it is fairly straightforward if you are a self motivated and driven individual.  There are no fees paid to us whatsoever, but you do need a headset and a computer with high speed internet for this position.   

This position is made available directly by Key Solutions Group, Inc and your payments will come from us directly.



First two weeks commission only, then the greater of:
$15 / hour ?OR 
$50 per Confirmed Single or $100 per Confirmed Double

Tier Quota Requirement Single (each) Double (each)
Tier 1 None $40 $80
Tier 2 8-11 Confirmed Sales $50 $100
Tier 3 12+ Confirmed Sales $60 $120


Definitions: A Single is a sale in which only the base package is sold to the customer. A Double is a sale in which the base package and the upsell are sold to the customer. Confirmed simply designates the sale was verified through the compliance department and the customer’s charge accepted the card. The Upsell Ratio is the ratio of Doubles divided by total sales.








  • Tiered commission-only pay.  Please see pay rates to the left.
  • Daily and weekly sales bonuses based on performance.
  • Pay is weekly with direct deposit available immediately.


  • Complete training and evaluation
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Growing company
  • Direct deposit available immediately


  • Full Schedule: 9:00am - 4:30pm Eastern time
  • Half hour lunch at 1:00pm Eastern time


  • United States


  • Outbound telemarketing experience required!
  • Above average computer skills
  • PC with Windows
  • USB headset
  • Broadband internet connection
  • Strong speech skills

Minimum Quota

  • 10 confirmed sales per week
  • .25 sales per hour average sales quota
  • 75% upsell ratio
  • .003% total call conversion
    (sales divided by total calls transferred) 


Contact Info

727-470-6030 Phone
727-470-6078 Fax

Or go to the contact page for full information.